Over the last 60 years the company H. Skjalm P. has grown into a well reputed Danish design company with articles for interior decorating and arts and handicrafts, and with sales not only through their own retaiel shop in Copenhagen, but also with distribution to a great number of wholesale customers worldwide.

Every six months H. Skjalm P. presents a new collection of products featuring the latest international tendencies prevailing within interior decoration and gifts, and always keeping in mind the founder´s philosophy i.e. articles of an innovative design formed of natural materials of high quality and always preserving the Scandinavian look.

Mr. Hagbarth Skjalm Petersen was a personality, who liked to follow his own ideas. H. Skjalm P.´s retail shop is found in the historic environment of Nikolaj Plads in the center of Copenhagen, and it was to his shop design conscious customer would go to study and to buy some of the latest novelties within textiles, gifts or kitchen utensils.

Today products created from own designs form a still larger part of H. Skjalm P.´s range of products. Therefore, today, these products are very often related to the name H. Skjalm P. by customers interested in design and interior decorating.

Mr. Skjalm´s attitude was, that in the development of new products there should always be a lead motive, while at the same time focus was on new creations beyond the ordinay. Thus, he was often one of the first to introduce new colours, forms and graphic expressions.

Since 1995 Skjalm´s widow, Lisbeth Westergaard, as owner, has continued running the company, quite in his spirit and assisted by well-qualified employees.

Hope you will enjoy our products!
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